Lady Wranglers post decisive victory against Lander

Reagan Davis photo The Lady Wranglers celebrate their epic conference victory against Lander on Thursday, Sept. 14.

LANDER – Revenge is a dish best served in the form of a hard-fought, home-team upsetting win in five sets against a conference rival who managed to gain the upper hand during the previous season.

The Pinedale High School Lady Wrangler volleyball team pulled out all the stops against Lander at an away game on Thursday, Sept. 14, culminating in an epic 3-2 victory for Pinedale.

Hitting the court swinging, Pinedale triumphed in a closely-contested first set against Lander. Sophomore Alyxis White scored the opening point. Senior Reagan Davis set over point 3 and junior Mae McGuire spiked a kill. Fellow senior Trista Covill reached up for a block.

Lander briefly edged ahead before senior Ashley Boulter tied the game at 8 points by delivering a powerful kill. White broke the stalemate at 9 points with a kill. A hit from Covill ended the deadlock at 11 points. White and Covill defended the net to place Pinedale ahead, 13-12.

Lander retook the lead, although Pinedale kept close on the Lady Tigers’ heels with a pair of kills from McGuire. Lander struck out returning a serve by Covill and the set tied at 17 points.

The Lady Wranglers continued to match Lander point for point with hits by senior Ana Mika and White.

Pinedale moved into the lead with a pair of aces from Davis. White posted point 22 with a block. Covill slammed over point 23 and White spiked the ball for point 24.

Covill scored game point, 25-20.

The lead bounced back and forth in a tight second set until the Lady Tigers took control at 18 points and went on to score game point, 25-18.

The third set came down to the wire as the Lady Wranglers battled for the initiative. Following a tie at 10 points, White powered over a kill and Mika aced her serve.

The Lady Tigers matched Pinedale in scoring at 12 points. A kill by Covill pulled the Lady Wranglers into the lead. Pinedale remained ahead, with juniors Paiyzli Baker and Gabby Rogers each acing a serve.

Lander ultimately prevailed at the end of the set to score game point, 25-23.

Refusing to yield, the Lady Wranglers blasted back with an impressive 15-point run to open the fourth set. White scored the first point and Lander overshot twice while returning serves by Rogers.

White slammed over a kill and Mika made a pair of blocks. White scored again with a kill. Lander then struck out replying to Rogers’ serve. Boulter and Rogers both delivered hits into Lander territory.

Rogers aced a serve and White tapped over a point. Davis set up a point and Lander once again failed to return a serve by Rogers.

The Lady Wranglers found themselves ahead by a commanding 15-0 margin. The Lady Tigers finally put up a few points on the scoreboard. Pinedale responded with kills from Mika, Covill and McGuire. Coverage by Baker, White and Mika resulted in a point and Davis set over point 24.

White scored game point, 25-12.

The Lady Wranglers fought Lander point for point in the winner-takes-all fifth set. The Lady Tigers pulled ahead at 12 points. Davis made a block to tie the set and followed up with an ace. Mika blocked an attempt by Lander to return the ball and Pinedale led, 14-12.

The Lady Tigers served. Rogers dug deep and bumped the ball to Davis. Davis set the ball and White powered over a kill for game point, 15-12.

The Lady Wranglers host non-conference opponent Jackson for Homecoming Week on Thursday, Sept. 21. Freshmen play at 4 p.m., followed by junior varsity at 5 p.m., and varsity at 6 p.m.