Kovach to sign ‘Family’ April 13

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PINEDALE – After publishing her first book, local author Sheila Kovach began writing larger and longer stories that became 38 inspiring tales about family, traditions and faith.

The result is her second book, titled “Family – Traditions and Celebrations Throughout the Year.” The first was also Christian fiction –“Hello: Everyone has a Story.”

As she wrote, Kovach said she realized “family” is as much about the people we choose as the ones we grew up with. Each story of holidays and celebration is based in Wyoming or the West and all are fictional, and they all contain Kovach’s efforts to write about universal “family” struggles, triumphs and spiritual lessons learned.

“We create families throughout our whole life,” she said. “Our inner circle is the family we choose. Whether it is your church family, your neighborhood family, your interest group family or the family of friends with whom you share common bonds.”

Kovach pushed herself a little harder with her second book, she said, after realizing she could add more details, allow someone else to copyedit and fill a special wholesome niche with her publisher Christian Faith Publishing.

The holiday and outdoor stories are told in chronological order, opening with New Year’s Day and closing with New Year’s Eve. They are very suitable for kids and families to read together, she explained, because she imparts moral and Christian perspectives.

Sheila Kovach will be signing copies of “Family” on Thursday, April 13, from 4-6 p.m. in the Pinedale Library’s Lovatt Room.

Kovach plans a reading and book signing on Friday, May 12, 5-7 p.m. at Bison’s Bounty in Pinedale and again for kids and families on Friday, June 9, 4-6 p.m. at the Woodland Book Nook in the Summit Building – the weekend before Fathers Day.

Kovach anticipates the audiobook version will be available soon.

“Family: Traditions and Celebrations Throughout the Year” can be purchased from Kovach, at Office Outlet, traditional bookstores or online at Amazon, Apple iTunes or Barnes & Noble.

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