Judges: TPL, Copelands defaulted

This photo, included in Kraig Frome’s civil suit, shows the extent of work completed.

SUBLETTE COUNTY – Three judges in three courtrooms in two different counties have ruled against Triple Peak Landscaping, LLC, and Shane and Ramsey Copeland for defaulting on payments they owe to an investor, a town and a homeowner.

In these civil complaint, neither of the Copelands, of Marbleton, responded or appeared in court.


The most recent breach of contract and default ruling was filed Nov. 16 by 9th Circuit Court Judge Curt Haws in favor of the Town of Marbleton. When Shane Copeland did not complete a job, he signed a promissory note to pay back money advanced to him.

Judge Haws ordered Triple Peak Landscaping (TPL) and Copeland to pay the Town of Marbleton a total of $32,353.34.

Lincoln County

Homeowner Kraig Frome filed a civil complaint against TPL and Shane and Ramsey Copeland in Lincoln County. On Oct. 17, 3rd Circuit Court Judge Gregory Corpening ruled the Copelands and TPL to pay Frome the principle sum of $14,656.84.

His court clerk filed a notice to inform the Copelands they could have a home, worker or unemployment compensation, wages or Social Security payments seized or garnished.


The first breach of contract complaint was filed by William “Bill” Murdock in 9th District Court, before Judge Marv Tyler. It was filed against TPL and Shane Copeland, claiming neither the corporation nor the person had repaid substantial investments as promised in handwritten contracts.

In his affidavit, Murdock said he wrote two investment checks of $80,000 and $30,000 on Oct. 26, 2021, to be paid back by March 26, 2022. He said he wrote checks totaling at least $137,500 to Copeland or TPL between October 2021 and July 2022. The Copelands failed to treat TPL as a separate corporate entity, his suit says.

Judge Tyler entered an order of default in Murdock’s favor for TPL or the Copelands to pay $137,500 with 10-percent post-judgment interest, records show.