Jensen’s new book looks through an old lens

PINEDALE – Last year at the Pinedale Library, Daniel author Paul Jensen talked about the lives and works of three different photographers on the cutting edge of their times who captured iconic images of the Old West.

On Nov. 15, Jensen will be signing copies of his new book about them titled “Last Rides of Cowboys, Indians, Generals & Chiefs.”

It describes the lives and works of David F. Barry, born in 1855; John Graybill, born in 1861; and L.A. Huffman, born in 1854. All three came from varied Midwest backgrounds, learning the skills and art of photography – then a very complex process.

All three also found themselves drawn to the West – Barry in the 1870s to set up a studio at Fort Abraham Lincoln, Graybill in 1886 to roam the Dakota Territory and Huffman in 1879 as post photographer at Fort Keogh near Miles City, Mont.

“These photographers lived ,through the pivotal events of the 19th-cenutry West such as the dissolution of the once proud and free Plains Indians, the life and death of George Armstrong Custer and hundreds of the 7th Cavalry, the emergence of the cowboy as the new American hero and the end of the frontier,” said Jensen.

Sixty of their photographs – many portraits – are included in “Last Rides” and bring the past to life again “where independence, self-reliance and grit thrived,” he said.

Jensen will have his book “Last Rides of Cowboys, Indians, Generals & Chiefs” available at the book signing on Thursday, Nov. 15, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Pinedale Library, 155 S. Tyler Ave. 

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