Hospital's management agreement with Star Valley finalized

Tonia Hoffman, chairwoman for the Sublette County Hospital District, signed the final version of the management agreement between the district and Star Valley Health at the district’s meeting on Wednesday, July 21.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Office of General Counsel approved the drafted management agreement and authorized the hospital district to endorse the agreement this week, Hoffman announced.

The agreement on Wednesday, binding the two entities formalized Star Valley Health’s CEO Daniel Ordyna as the Sublette County’s interim CEO and Mike Hunsaker interim chief operating officer.

Hunsaker told the hospital district board he and the Star Valley management team appreciated the opportunity to work with the hospital district to make the critical access hospital and long-term care facility a reality.

Hunsaker and Ordyna were fully committed to “grow together” as organizations and looked forward getting to know the “great staff” working at the hospital district and Sublette Center.

The board thanked Hunsaker and the Star Valley management team for their hard work over the past months before the agreement became finalized.