Homecoming Royalty

Homecoming Royalty photographed before the Sept. 27 parade include, front row from left, second attendants Cole Redmond and Adriana Liserio, third attendants Bryce VanEtten and Savanna Criddle, Queen Maggie Majhanovich and King Thomas Harnack. In the back are first attendants Kyla Sellers and Riley Wilson.

The Wranglers swept to victory over Greybull

in front of a packed stadium on Homecoming Night, Sept.

27. Pinedale dropped in twice the touchdowns that Greybull

did and the tally at the final buzzer stood at 24-13. This win,

combined with the triumph over Kemmerer the week before,

bumped the Wranglers up to the number-three spot in the 2A

West Conference.

Head Coach Clay Cundall was pleased with the results.

“We were able to run the ball well due to the fact that the

backs were running north-south and the offensive line created

good movement up front,” Cundall said.

Greybull opened the quarter receiving the kickoff. They

attempted a drive, but Wrangler defense, led by Colby White,

Cade Covill, Carson Gregory, Kaleb Bigelow, Gatlin Egle and

Skyler Erickson, eventually forced Greybull to turn over possession.

Quarterback Konner Ziegler began Pinedale’s first drive

with a carry to the 37-yard line. White plowed the ball across

the 50-yard line in his first carry, and then deep into Greybull’s

territory to mark his second first down. Thomas Harnack

caught the next handoff from Ziegler and took the ball

the rest of the way to the end zone to score the first Wrangler


Greybull made a second attempt in the first quarter, but

fumbled the ball. White swooped in and recovered the ball,

and possession returned to Pinedale.

The Wranglers executed a long drive for the remainder of

the quarter. Harnack moved the ball to the Wrangler 40-yard

line. Egle pushed the line of scrimmage past the 50-yard line.

White made the next three carries, bulldozing straight up the

middle. Ziegler completed a pass to Egle and moved the ball

to Greybull’s 34-yard line.

White completed the drive early in the second quarter when

he dropped the ball in the end zone for touchdown number


After Greybull failed to move the ball far enough in the second

quarter, they punted. Harnack fielded the punt and ran the

ball up to Pinedale’s 43-yard line. White pushed 3 yards up

the middle. Egle took the ball next and drove 4 yards deeper

into Greybull territory. Ziegler executed a handoff to White

breaking straight through the middle of Greybull’s defensive

line. White then dashed nearly 50 yards to score touchdown

number three for Pinedale.

Despite attacks from Wrangler defense, including a tackle

by Caleb Helm and Covill that resulted in no gain for Greybull,

the Buffs finally scored their first touchdown. With one

minute remaining in the first half, Greybull added six points to

their tally. When the halftime buzzer went off, the score stood

at 18-6 in favor of Pinedale.

Pinedale started the third quarter off with a long drive. Unfortunately,

the Wranglers were unable to push the ball all the

way and were forced to turn over.

Greybull took possession, but quickly managed to fumble

the ball. Once again, White was there for the recovery. The

last half of the third quarter remained scoreless as drives by

both teams did not reach the end zone.

Greybull entered the fourth quarter in possession and

Wranglers’ defense stepped up its intensity. Harnack sacked

Greybull’s quarterback behind the line of scrimmage. A tackle

from Egle and Riley Wilson kept Greybull’s advance to a

single yard.

Pinedale fielded Greybull’s punt at the 44-yard line. Ziegler

kept the ball in the first play and made a 15-yard gain into

Greybull’s territory. Harnack carried the ball toward the 30-

yard line. White pulled off a 5-yard charge and Ziegler held

the ball in the next play. Ziegler then handed the ball off to

Harnack. Harnack broke free from several attempted tackles

and carried the ball 23 yards to score touchdown number four

for the Wranglers.

Greybull made good on its second drive in the last quarter,

despite losing 9 yards when Wilson sacked his opponent behind

the line of scrimmage. Greybull managed a touchdown

and a kickoff to edge their score up. With less than three minutes

to go in the game, Pinedale was still in the lead by a

comfortable margin and ran the clock down.

The Wranglers have a chance to knock out the number

one team in the 2A West Conference when they travel to play

Mountain View on Friday, Oct. 4. Kickoff is scheduled for

3 p.m.

“We need to improve in several areas both offensively and

defensively,” said Cundall. “We have a good challenge ahead

of us in Mountain View, and we need to clean up those areas

this week in practice.”


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