Gov. Gordon signs new bills supporting state's energy sector

WYOMING – Gov. Mark Gordon signed another six bills into law this week, including three that support Wyoming’s energy sector.

House Bill 166 requires public utilities to take additional steps before retiring coal and natural gas plants in the state. Utilities are required to demonstrate to the Wyoming Public Service Commission that the retirements would not lead to added costs to ratepayers or less reliable electrical service.

In a statement, Gordon cited the Texas power grid’s failure earlier this year and how Wyoming should do what it can to ensure it doesn’t happen closer to the state.

“It is imperative that this be done without adding additional costs to Wyoming ratepayers,” Gordon said.

Gordon also signed Senate File 152, which prohibits cities, towns and counties from implementing ordinances or policies that prohibit “the connection or reconnection of an electric, natural gas, propane or other energy utility service provided by a public utility.”

The governor also put his signature on House Bill 189, which provides an opportunity for oil producers to utilize natural gas that would normally be flared into the atmosphere for other productive purposes, including cryptocurrency mining.

The other three bills Gordon signed this week were House Bill 51, Meat processing programs, House Bill 36, Management council membership and Senate File 85, Property tax-reporting and exemption.