Gordon organizes group to combat gas prices

WYOMING – Gov. Mark Gordon on Wednesday announced the formation of a Gas and Diesel Price Working Group to address rising fuel costs.

That working group includes members of the governor’s cabinet, representatives of the transportation and agricultural sectors, citizens and legislators.

“Fuel prices have hit yet another high this past week, driving inflation affecting our seniors, veterans and all Wyoming citizens,” Gov. Gordon said in a release. “Yet, all we hear out of Washington, D.C., is that it’s someone else’s fault and there’s no end in sight. Here in Wyoming we need to look for any possible way we can provide some relief for our citizens.”

Gordon also reiterated his commitment to provide quick relief for fuel customers in Wyoming, including tax reductions. Those reductions could be on the table as one of the options this working group may seek in hopes of reducing prices at the pump during the midst of tourism season in the tourist-dense parts of Wyoming like Pinedale and Sublette County.

“It is no secret that the Biden administration’s failed economic policies have directly contributed to inflation,” Gov. Gordon said. “Americans are experiencing the direct consequences of President Biden’s bungled energy policy – from the president’s 2020 executive order banning oil and gas leasing on federal lands, to its dogmatic insistence on regulation over innovation to address the issues we face today.

“Americans are hurting and need some relief.”

Gordon was referring back to the executive order in the infancy of the Biden administration that halted the sale of new oil and gas leases on public lands. That order did not pertain to development on parcels already purchased or developments on private land.

The Bureau of Land Management recently announced the return of those oil and gas lease sales, the first of which will be held later this month, after a federal court’s ruling. Conservation groups protested the return of the sales on environmental grounds while energy-friendly groups took grievance with the sale’s return because the total parcel amount announced was about a third of what was anticipated.

Gas prices in Pinedale earlier this week ranged from $4.89 to $4.94 for unleaded and $5.94 to $6.07 to diesel. Prices in Marbleton were $4.39 to $4.69 for unleaded and $5.67 to $5.79 for diesel. According to GasBuddy.com, those were among the higher gas prices in Wyoming.