Goodbye doesn’t mean we’ll never meet again

As I’m editing the Nov. 13 newspaper, I am doing things for the last time – writing my last editorial, proofreading pages, eating lunch with coworkers, writing a final Sublette County Commissioners’ story and taking pictures of a heartfelt ceremony at American Legion Park.

It is with great sadness mixed with excitement and anticipation that I will turn in my pen as editor of the Pinedale Roundup and Sublette Examiner.

Many of you know my husband and I have had a home in Sublette County since the early 1980s. We still have that home.

Many of you know when I came here four winters ago, my husband was scheduled to retire and join me in six months.

That six months turned to 12, then 18, then

36. Our time together dwindles as the roads close, work consumes our weekends and aging parents require more of our time.

Once again, a solid plan to retire TOGETHER in Pinedale fell aside a few weeks ago. That was about the first few days after the temperatures turned to below zero. As I woke for work, the temperature in our home hovered at 40 degrees. I trudged in my snow boots to retrieve firewood, warmed the car and shoveled the deck before coming to work. Dreading the next six months, I made the decision to return to Rawlins and actually live fulltime with my husband – in a heated home, with potable water, a bathtub, a washing machine and, most importantly, my husband.

Since making the decision three weeks ago, I’ve almost called and changed my mind

a dozen times. And to be fair, my husband was also having second thoughts as I packed his vehicle to make “a load back to Rawlins.” He definitely muttered and grumbled about making room for my “s***” – and I fairly sure he didn’t use the words “valuable stuff.”

The celebration of forming a hospital district, enjoying the cultural enhancements and friends during BOCES classes, receiving positive responses and encouragement following an editorial, having members of the men’s prayer group wish me well and pray for this heathen, even having council members or commissioners wish me well, has made me realize how much Sublette County has welcomed me and made this a home. As I close my eyes at night, I will always smile and dream about the beautiful sunsets, mountains

and moose that have filled my days in Sublette County.

As for me, I’ll be back. We still plan to retire in Sublette County – just maybe not this year.

I hope to keep in contact with the many people who I consider friends. I’ll also still be helping at the newspaper from afar as a new editor is recruited to Sublette County.

I’ll watch as the hospital district is formed and comes to fruition and plan to attend the ribbon cutting. I will also use the new and improved Internet to keep in touch with friends.

Good things are coming to Sublette County. Thank you for your ongoing support and friendship. This is goodbye for now – not forever.