Glaciers 18U team is 2nd in state, 19U team is 4th

WYOMING – Competition in the Wyoming Amateur Hockey League is heating up as teams vie for position with state tournaments just around the corner. Pinedale’s 18U team moved into second place following double wins against Casper and a victory over Douglas this weekend.

The Glaciers’ high school league boasts an 11-2-3 record, behind Gillette at 16-1-1.

The girls’ 19U team went 1-1 in action against Jackson on Jan. 29 and 30, positioning fourth in the league with a 7-7-2 record. Jackson is currently the No. 1 ranked team.

19U – Jackson

The first game against Jackson on Saturday came down to the wire, with Pinedale edging out a win by one point, 6-5.

The girls dominated the first period, scoring two points and holding Jackson to zero. Cassandra Miller shot in both goals, the first assisted by Cora Murphy and the second an unassisted power play.

The second period was neck-and-neck, with both teams scoring three points. Rachel Wight responded to a goal from Jackson and hit the puck into the net assisted by Ellie Jensen. Sydney Jensen and Molly Murphy followed up with unassisted goals.

Jackson tried to take the win in the third period, scoring two points to one from Pinedale. Molly Muphy tossed in Pinedale’s lone goal in the third period, assisted by Wight.

Lilliah Tambourine played goalie and made 44 saves.

Sunday’s rematch saw Jackson turn the tables to pull off a 6-2 win. Jackson scored three points right out of the gate in the first period. Cora Murphy replied with a goal assisted by Miller and Shanelle Deal.

Jackson continued to outscore Pinedale, 1-0 and 2-1, in the second and third periods respectively. Miller made the goal for the Glaciers in the third period. Tambourine tallied up 36 saves.

18U – Casper

The Glaciers trounced the Oilers, 9-3, at the Casper Ice Arena on Friday, Jan. 29. Pinedale followed the win up with another significant win on Saturday morning, taking out Casper, 6-2.

Casper opened the first match ahead, dropping in two goals. Kolin Krizan, assisted by Colby White, shot in Pinedale’s only goal in period one.

The Glaciers unleashed a lethal six-point run in the second period, holding the Oilers to nil. Micah Crum scored first for the Glaciers in a power play off White. White made the second goal unassisted. Crum scored two unassisted goals in a row.

Jayden Currah took his turn to hit the puck into the net, assisted by Krizan. Crum rounded out scoring with a goal assisted by Boyd Boylan.

Pinedale outscored Casper, 2-1, in the third period. Casper managed to toss in a goal but Krizan promptly followed up with a short-handed goal assisted by Currah and White. White made the final goal for Pinedale.

Kellen Schupp played goalie and caught 28 saves.

During Saturday’s rematch against Casper, Pinedale started ahead in the first period, scoring two points and holding Casper to one. Crum made the first goal, assisted by Logan Marroquin. Casper scored next and was answered back by a shot from Currah off a play by Crum and Duke Carson.

The Glaciers outscored Casper in the second period, 3-1. Crum opened the action with a power play assisted by Krizan. Crum responded to Casper’s goal with an unassisted power play into the net. Carson made the next goal off an assist by Crum.

Malyki Uranker kept the Glaciers ahead in the final period, shooting in a goal assisted by Carson. Schupp played 43 saves as goalie.

18U – Douglas

Douglas proved to be a formidable foe. The Glaciers pulled out a narrow victory against Douglas, 10-9, Saturday evening.

Douglas edged ahead in the first period, outscoring Pinedale, 3-2. Boylan scored first for the Glaciers with an assist from White. Currah shot in a power play unassisted.

Pinedale pulled out all the stops in the second period, scoring five points and holding its opponent to one. Marroquin made the first goal, assisted by White. Crum and White followed up with two unassisted goals.

Dodge Normington scored the next point, assisted by White. Krizan swept in with an unassisted power play.

Douglas responded with five points in the third period while Pinedale scored three. Currah, assisted by Uranker, made a successful shot into the net. White scored the next two power plays, assisted by Zain Roberts and Boylan.

Schupp and Gabriel Person shared goalie responsibilities. Schupp made 11 saves and Person seven.

Douglas took charge during Sunday’s rematch, taking the win in another close game, 9-6. Douglas hit the ice running in the first period, outscoring Pinedale 4-0. Both teams scored a single point in the second period. Carson made a short-handed play into the net assisted by Crum for Pinedale.

Competition ramped up in the third period, with both teams hitting in five points.

Normington responded to three shots from Douglas with a goal assisted by Krizan. Krizan took his turn to hit the puck in unassisted. Carson Deleeuw made goal number two during the third period. Landon Wharton followed up with an unassisted power play. Crum shot in the final goal for Pinedale, unassisted.

Person played goalie during the match and caught 21 saves.