Girls’ swim team bags the wins at Big Piney

Robert Galbreath photo Freshman Hadlee Francis reaches for the finish line in the 100-freestyle at the Big Piney Triangular on Friday, Sept. 23. Francis placed eighth in the event.

BIG PINEY – The Sublette County combined girls’ swim team dove into Big Piney’s Homecoming Meet on Friday, Sept. 23, posting multiple top-three finishes in the competition against Kemmerer and Lyman. Sublette County took second place, beating Lyman by 27 points.

Up bright and early on Saturday morning, the swimmers traveled to the Evanston Invitational featuring teams from across the region. Sublette County placed fifth with 155 points.

Senior Rayne Wheeler captured gold in the 100-backstroke, clocking in at 1 minute, 24.20 seconds, beating the runner-up from Kemmerer by more than 2 seconds. She took silver in the 100-breaststroke with a time of 1:36.51.

Senior Morgan Grossman bagged second place in the 50-freestyle, finishing the sprint in 32.82 seconds. On the opposite end of the distance spectrum, Grossman earned silver in the 400-freestyle, with a time of 5:34.96.

In the 100-backstroke, sophomore Maggie Walker snapped up bronze with a time of 1:28.42.

Clocking in at 3:03.06, junior Addy Levitt came in third place in the 200-freestyle. Freshman Clairee Bingham scooped up bronze in the 100-freestyle, hitting the finish line at 1:28.12.

Relay highlights at Big Piney included a second-place finish for Wheeler, sophomore Alexis Thompson, Grossman and Walker in the 400-freestyle. The team posted a time of 5:03.30.

Wheeler, Walker, sophomore Jolynn Jones and Grossman snagged silver in the 200-medley relay at 2:35.70.

The 200-freestyle relay team – Bingham, freshman Libby Olson, freshman Shelby Scott and sophomore Emma York – placed third at 2:30.03.

At the Evanston Invitational, Grossman finished third in the 200-freestyle, timing in at 2:20.33. Thompson, York, Jones and Grossman earned bronze in the 400-freestyle relay at 4:45.61.

“Friday and Saturday were both great meets for our team,” said Co-Head Coach Ambr Seemann. “On Friday, the girls enjoyed celebrating Big Piney Homecoming together. In Evanston, we saw some great swims by all of our athletes. Levitt improved over 13 seconds in the 400-freestyle on Friday and Libby Olson improved over 15 seconds in the 200-individual medley on Saturday. The majority of our swimmers made best times in their events and it was encouraging to see their dedication continue to pay off.”

Co-Head Coach Kursty Day thanked the home crowd for coming out to support the team at Big Piney.

“The team loves to hear the cheers from their hometown family and friends encouraging them to do their best,” she added. “On Saturday, the girls showed great efforts to compete in their events. We look forward to a full week of practice and another home meet in Pinedale.”

Big Piney results

  • 200-medley relay: Scott, Kaylea Mortensen, Olson and Thompson in fifth place at 2:55.04; Mariaha Morgan, Evalyn Smith, Bingham and Mya Swain in seventh at 3:24.14 and Alyce Hayward, Hadlee Francies, Kamia Runyan and Catie Langlois in eighth place at 3:25.85.
  • 200-freestyle: KaLee Bohnet in fourth place at 3:10.88, Chelsea Wright in sixth at 3:19.90, Bryn Arne in seventh at 3:23.73 and Hayward in eighth at 3:25.34.
  • 200-individual medley: Walker in fourth place at 3:19.19, Olson in sixth at 3:42.37, Runyan in seventh at 3:56.53 and Francis in eighth at 4:05.84.
  • 50-freestyle: York in fifth place at 34.64 seconds, Thompson in sixth at 34.77, Jones in seventh at 34.95, Scott in eighth at 35.12, Bingham in ninth at 36.12, Mortensen in 12th at 40.07, Langlois 14th place at 44.22, Swain in 17th at 50.34 and Smith in 18th at 53.74.
  • Diving: Lilly Joseph in fourth place with 126.60 points.
  • 100-butterfly: Jones in fourth place at 1:34.65 and Bohnet in fifth at 1:42.08.
  • 100-freestyle: Olson in fourth place at 1:28.98, Arne in fifth at 1:32.26, Cambry Jenks in seventh at 1:35.28, Francis in eighth at 1:39.83, Langlois in ninth at 1:41.95, Morgan in 10th at 1:44.12 and Swain in 11th at 2:01.71.
  • 400-freestyle: York in fifth place at 6:12.38, Thompson in sixth at 6:16.52, Scott in seventh at 6:27.52, Levitt in ninth at 6:36.83 and Hayward in 13th at 7:20.50.
  • 200-freestyle relay: Bohnet, Wright, Arne and Francis in fourth place at 2:48.49.
  • 100-backstroke: Wright in sixth place at 1:54.42 and Jenks in seventh at 1:59.35.
  • 100-breaststroke: Mortensen in sixth place at 1:52.96, Runyan in seventh at 1:59.58 and Smith in eighth at 2:01.40.
  • 400-freestyle relay: Bohnet, Mortensen, Joseph and Jones in fourth place at 5:50.40 and Levitt, Arne, Morgan and Hayward in sixthplace at 6:19.13.

Evanston top-10 results

  • 200-medley relay: Wheeler, Walker, Bohnet and York in sixth place at 2:22.12.
  • 200-freestyle: Grossman in third place at 2:20.33 and Scott in ninth at 2:40.78.
  • 200-individual medley: York in fifth place at 3:05.62 and Langlois in ninth at 3:53.22.
  • 50-freestyle: Wheeler in ninth place at 28.87 seconds.
  • 100-freestyle: Grossman in sixth place at 1:03.59.
  • 200-freestyle relay: Grossman, Thompson, Wheeler and Walker in fifth place at 2:02.76 and Scott, Bingham, Runyan and Levitt in ninth at 2:18.13.
  • 100-breaststroke: Wheeler in fourth place at 1:23.52.
  • 400-freestyle relay: Thompson, York, Jones and Grossman in third place at 4:45.61; Scott, Olson, Bohnet and Bingham in eighth at 5:31.88 and Francis, Morgan, Mortensen and Langlois in 10th at 6:16.38.