G&F investigates moose shooting

PINEDALE – A Pinedale resident reportedly shot and killed a bull moose on July 24 that he said was “aggressive” and threatening his family.

Reports to the Pinedale Roundup Tuesday alleged that Chauncey Goodrich, who lives on Soda Lake Road beside Pine Creek, shot the moose with a gun around 8:30 p.m. on Monday at a location near his property. On Wednesday, Goodrich provided a written statement in an email.

“We had an encounter with a habituated moose that ended very unfortunately, but done in self-defense. The moose had been known to charge, attack, and put my family in life-threatening situations multiple times over the past year and a half. We have used bear spray, rubber buckshot (given by the Game and Fish), and a mini-flare gun (given by the G&F) to deter the moose with little to no avail. This was an ongoing problem with one habituated, aggressive moose.”

Roundup reporters went to the property on Tuesday with permission and observed the bull moose lying dead in the meadow belonging to Denny Schroeder.

Wyoming Game and Fish (G&F) Pinedale Region supervisor John Lund declined to identify Goodrich in the incident, since it is now under investigation.

He would only say that the moose shooting near Pine Creek was reported to the G&F on Tuesday, June 25, and investigated by him and G&F wardens Bubba Haley and Jordan Kraft.

“It’s not worth compromising the investigation right now,” Lund said, adding more details would be released later after the Sublette County Attorney’s Office has reviewed their investigation.

“Charges are possible.”

Sublette County Attorney Clay Kainer said Wednesday he has been in contact with G&F.

“I expect a report outlining the investigation to be submitted to my office for review in the next couple of days,” Kainer said in an email. “Since the matter is still under investigation, I am unable to comment any further at this time.”


Mike Moore contributed to this article.


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