Garden of Beauty – Heart and Soul Café

Arlinda McLaughlin photo

One can’t help but notice the beautiful array of colors in front of the Heart and Soul Café in Pinedale. Karla Knopic, a renowned gardener in Pinedale’s public spaces, and Kathy Lee, owner of Heart and Soul, have created a dazzling display of beauty using window boxes and  multiple Sage and Snow flower barrels. Karla  filled the window boxes with nasturtiums, chrysanthemums, petunias and lobelia, creating overlays of color and shapes. Her secret to beautiful flowers – she fertilized the plants with Osmocote, a timed-release fertilizer, when she planted them and waters the flowers every day. Inside the patio next to the restaurant, Karla planted  numerous containers with a variety of flowers – calibrachop, lobelia, petunias, geraniums, nasturtiums,  lantana and chrysanthemums, and they are all flourishing with her tender loving care. The inside patio border also has perennial cranesbill geraniums, day lilies and ornamental grasses. And, now, diners are entertained with numerous hummingbird moths flitting from flower to flower.