Garden of Beauty - Chase Harber, High Mountain Real Estate

Arlinda McLaughlin photo

The grand finale for the Sage and Snow Garden of Beauty Awards for 2023 goes to Chase Harber of High Mountain Real Estate in Pinedale. Chase and his mother, Sylvia, have created a beautiful space in front of his business with a variety of flowers, herbs, and vegetables.  They browse catalogs and order seeds in winter,  Sylvia starts the seeds indoors in early spring, and they plant them when the weather allows in early summer. To get started, Chase filled the two large beds with native soil, cow manure, and Millers organic compost.  This summer, they grew sacred daytura (beautiful white flowers that open at night), willowherb,  larkspur, giant sunflowers, hyssop, bee balm,  blanket flowers, yarrow, dahlias, penstemons, tomatoes, tomatillos, lettuce, zucchini squash, onions, beets, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, lavender, cilantro, mints, chives, mullein, valerian, and an interesting perennial herb with beautiful fringed yellow sunflowers called elecampane. The two raised beds are complemented with several hanging baskets and four Sage and Snow flower barrels. Indoors, the office is filled with a variety of house plants, including snake plants, corn plants, palms, aloes, crotons, spider plants, red orchid cactus, and  geraniums. The Harbers are not afraid to experiment with a great variety of plants, and they are very successful at growing them.