Four Students of the Month recognized

The Sublette County School District No. 1

board of trustees recognized four Students of the Month at its

May 14 meeting via Zoom. Faculty, staff, parents and students

sent photographs and letters of recognition to honor each

student in the Roundup.

Pinedale Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Rebecca

Strom nominated Jaylee Williams as Student of the Month.

During the past two months, Williams “has done an outstanding

job of rising to the challenge of remote learning,” wrote Strom.

Adapting to the new normal in education is difficult for

everyone, but Williams “is just as motivated to learn and

connect with her school as ever,” Strom said.

“Jaylee has consistently impressed me and (Sherrill) Hudson

with the amount of effort she has put forth throughout the past

five weeks,” Strom added. “She independently completes

her lessons and takes the time to contact me to ensure she is

completing her work with quality in mind.”

Williams “takes all opportunities” to remain connected with

classmates through Zoom and Google Hangouts and does so

“week after week, with a positive attitude,” Strom continued.

“I commend Jaylee for the person she is both in and out of

the classroom and appreciate her dedication to learning during

these unprecedented times.”

Pinedale Middle School language arts teacher George

Vlastos honored eighth-grader Michael “Mikey” Casebolt as

Student of the Month. Casebolt is an example of determination

and he tackles challenges “with a constant, genuine grit,”

Vlastos wrote.

“We have watched Casebolt come to terms with the payoff

of will-power – his brain growing in real-time whether he is

sitting in class or working independently with a computer

application,” Vlastos said.

Casebolt manages his time well, keeps up with due dates

and takes the opportunity to reach out to faculty. He made

significant strides during the past school year.

“Mikey increased his comprehension of literature by six

grade levels, his comprehension of informational texts by five

grade levels and his vocabulary skills by more than three grade

levels,” Vlastos added.

Casebolt continues to focus on growth as remote learning


“Mikey has figured out that determination is the means to

arrive at the most valuable of ends – getting a good education,”

Vlastos wrote.

Skyline Academy paraprofessional Phillip Vrska nominated

11th-grader Amaya Greenhalgh as Student of the Month for

demonstrating responsibility.

“During this unprecedented time, Amaya has consistently

demonstrated her drive to be successful by keeping on task

with course work, being punctual, communicating with staff

and assisting other students,” he said.

During the transition to remote learning, Greenhalgh

approached faculty with respect and “is encouraging to other

students,” Vrska added. Greenhalgh succeeds at school while

juggling a job as an essential employee outside the classroom.

“Amaya shows responsibility each day with her family,

employer, Skyline staff and school work,” Vrska wrote. “I

appreciate the maturity level at which Amaya conducts her

daily tasks with attention to detail and perseverance to push


Pinedale High School teachers Lauren White and Jennifer

Wilson honored Tatum Kunard as Student of the Month

for May. Kunard is a sophomore at PHS and is tackling the

Courtesy photo

Pinedale Middle School eighth-grader and Student of

the Month Michael ‘Mikey’ Casebolt.

challenges of remote learning head on.

“Tatum has been proactive about communicating with staff

to ensure that the work she is doing meets expectations,” White

wrote. Kunard is unafraid to ask for help and “puts in the extra

effort to make sure the product she turns in is quality work,”

White added.

During these “unprecedented times,” Kunard exhibits a

determination to learn, Wilson wrote.

“Tatum does everything with her best effort and upmost

care,” Wilson added. “Plus, she always has a smile on her

face. This has not been an easy time, but she has definitely

persevered and these qualities will serve her well in the future.

This young woman has the skill set for college and career



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