Fish habitat improvements being made to Green River

PINEDALE – Anglers aiming to dangle lures in the Green River around Pinedale can expect improved access to waters this fall.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department announced it will improve boat access at the Daniel Public Access Area along the river just about 12 miles west of Pinedale. Estimates suggest the project will enhance fish habitat on an estimated 1,800 feet of the river in the area.

Crews will begin work on the project Monday, Aug. 9. Game and Fish doesn’t anticipate any public access closures but anglers and river users are advised that minor delays may occur on weekdays due to in-stream work. This also may result in slightly elevated sediment in the river downstream of the project with heavy equipment working in the river along the banks.

People can still access the river but will be asked to park along Pape Road on Aug. 9-11 to accommodate crews.

Game and Fish will also construct stream structures to reduce bank erosion and providing fish hiding cover. Those measures are meant to improve the fish habitat, improving fishing for all anglers.