Farmer's market buys dreams

Every Thursday afternoon, a gaggle of people set up tables on the shady, green Sublette County Courthouse lawn to offer passersby a chance to select from a truly diverse range of goodies. There are starter plants, locally grown beef, cookies, candies, candles, handcrafted pieces and one of a kind found at Pinedale’s High Altitude Farmers Market.

One young pair of entrepreneurs set out doggie beds crafted from recyled tires and sweaters, homemade “pupsicles” – and also cups of mealworms. It just happened that the crickets weren’t on offer that day.

Jada Rogerson, 9, is passionate about recycling and came up with the dog bed idea on her own, drafting her mother Jen to pick up tires tossed by the roadside. Jada cleaned them up, sewed cushions and voila! Ruff Edge Dog Beds! She’s also fitted soft sweaters around cushions for an extra-soft and very clever pet pillow.

Her brother, Oakley Rogerson, 7, came up with a totally different idea – to sell mealworms and crickets to people with pets and lizards that like those kinds of treats.

They have plans for their hard-earned incomes. Jada has her eye on a 1963 Ford bus the family drives by often and wants to save up for it. Her brother Oakley will be very pleased to buy himself a go-cart.

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