Fair: Hardworking horses of the pulls


Joy Ufford photos

SUBLETTE COUNTY FAIR – The busy week closed with the Saturday night special contest of teams from several states competing in the Utah Horse Pulling Association’s sanctioned event. The “sled” itself weighs 2,000 pounds and with half-ton concrete blocks added, the pulls grew tougher. The lightweight division was won with Hayden Downs of Smithfield, Utah, driving Chubb and Chunky pulling 8,000 pounds for 16 feet. The middleweight division was won by Utah’s Palmer Brothers’ team King and Doc, pulling 9,500 pounds for 27 feet, 6 inches. Heavyweight honors went to Utah’s Wallentine Brothers’ team Slim and Shady, who pulled 10,500 pounds for 27 feet, 6 inches.