Extraordinary Pinedale students honored by SCSD1 board

Robert Galbreath photo The SCSD1 Board of Trustees recognized Students of the Month for January and February on March 9. Pictured, from left, are Reed Morningstar, Pinedale Middle School (February), Ryder Allen, Pinedale Middle School (January), Kinlyn Bruce, Pinedale Elementary School (February) and Jessica Nichelson, Skyline Academy (February).

PINEDALE – The Sublette County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees recognized four outstanding Students of the Month for both January and February at its March 9 meeting.

Pinedale Elementary School second-grade teacher Jenny Antonino nominated Kinlyn Bruce as the February Student of the Month for stepping up as a leader and providing a “positive example for her peers” in the classroom.

“Kinlyn is a kind and compassionate person who helps lift her peers in the classroom and in other activities at school,” Antonino wrote to trustees.

Antonino highlighted Bruce’s exemplary work ethic.

“Kinlyn is constantly working to become better in all areas of her learning,” Antonino said. “Even when things are difficult, she pushes forward with a positive attitude and never gives up.”

Bruce is “eager to learn” and willing to tackle any challenge, Antonino added.

“Each day, Kinlyn comes to school ready to participate and give her best effort,” Antonino remarked. “You can often find Kinlyn tracking the speaker throughout a lesson and listening intently for all the information. Her hand is typically the first one in the air to respond to a question.”

Pinedale Elementary School Principal Heather Ryan echoed Antonino’s statements.

“Kinlyn is a model student at Pinedale Elementary and we are lucky to have her,” Ryan said.

Pinedale Middle School eighth-grader Ryder Allen received the Student of the Month award for January. Science teacher Devin Howard recognized Allen for demonstrating leadership at school.

“Ryder embraces a leadership role by his engagement in class, eagerness to help make the people around him better and by choosing to work hard to achieve his goals,” Howard told trustees.

Howard praised Allen’s desire to persevere when taking on a challenge.

“In class, for Ryder, quitting on something is not an option,” Howard wrote. “I appreciate how Ryder is able to maintain good grades in all his classes, while also being involved in multiple activities with the school. As your teacher, I admire so many of your character qualities and could learn a thing or two from you.”

Pinedale Middle School Principal David Thrash also spoke of Allen’s no-quit attitude.

“Ryder’s positive leadership stands out in his effort on the sports field, in the classroom and in the hallways,” Thrash said. “He always has a smile on his face and a willingness to hear the conversation. I’m super proud of you.”

Pinedale Middle School math teacher Brady Schaefer honored eighth-grader Reed Morningstar as February Student of the Month for exhibiting grit and resilience.

“I nominated Reed because he is not afraid to step into a challenge,” Schaefer explained. “Reed is always willing to step outside of his comfort zone if it means he has the opportunity to learn and grow.”

Morningstar displays a willingness to learn from mistakes and tackle difficult math problems, Schaefer said.

Schaefer described Morningstar as a “tremendous role model” at school.

“I have seen Reed step up and be a leader amongst his peers,” Schaefer said. “You can imagine how difficult this is for a middle school student. Although this caused discomfort, Reed made the right decision. This is a great way to lead by example.”

Principal Thrash commended Morningstar’s ability to persevere in uncomfortable situations.

“That is a skill that will carry you through for the rest of your life,” Thrash said. “Reed has demonstrated that resiliency on the sports field and in the classroom as far as learning new concepts, getting to know new people and excelling in ways that are second to none.”

Skyline Academy Principal Kellie Jo Williams presented senior Jessica Nichelson as the February Student of the Month for modeling the character trait of self-motivation.

Nichelson completed her graduation requirements yet chose to continue attending school to gain more knowledge and prepare for her future goals at college, Williams remarked.

“Jessica is a frequent attendee in several classes that have a discussion topic of interest to her,” Williams added. “She works independently on Edgenuity courses and ensures she is taking advantage of work study opportunities.”

Williams applauded Nichelson’s self-reliance in the classroom and her seriousness when it comes to following her goals.

“Jessica’s self-motivation has propelled her to great achievements, such as leading the charge to remove uniforms at Skyline,” Williams said. “She is a leader that helps students see the value in a good cause and provided thoughtful insight in class discussions.”

Nichelson will attend Ottawa University in the fall where she plans to major in political science with hopes to pursue a career in law or politics.

“We wish Jessica the best as she moves forward,” Williams said. “The staff at Skyline are super proud of you.”