Exceptional students recognized

Robert Galbreath photo The SCSD1 Students of the Month include, from left, Alyxis White, Pinedale High School, Josiah Pearce, Pinedale Elementary (March), Aubrey Kamp (front), Pinedale Elementary (April), Deanna Baggett (in back), Skyline Academy and Hannah Kaiser, Pinedale Middle School.

March and April 2023 Students of the Month

PINEDALE – The Sublette County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees opened its May 11 regular meeting by honoring five outstanding Students of the Month – four for April and one for March.

The Pinedale Elementary School (PES) specialist teachers – art, science, library, PEAK, music and P.E. – honored third-grader Josiah Pearce as March Student of the Month.

Pearce demonstrates “many admirable qualities,” especially the monthly character trait of cooperation, the teachers wrote.

Science teacher Liz David praised Pearce as an “exemplary student” – a curious, “driven learner” who brings a positive attitude to the classroom.

“We can count on Josiah to stay focused on his work and to persevere even when faced with a challenge,” David added. “In science, he prefers those challenges, and looks for additional new and interesting strategies to work on for solving situations with a problem in them.”

PEAK teacher Heather Kamp highlighted a recent project where students engineered a sound machine. Pearce set the bar high for cooperating with his group, Kamp said, able to work alongside any student with compassion and respect.

“Each day, Josiah came ready to jump in and help where it was needed,” Kamp wrote. “His good humor and willingness to try different ideas helped him stick with the task, even though it took many iterations to find success.”

In P.E., Pearce exhibits “advanced leadership and self-awareness for his age,” said teacher Kyle Sullivan.

“Josiah has moved beyond simply choosing the right actions for himself, but also guiding his peers to making the right choices as well,” Sullivan continued.

The PES specialist teachers nominated Aubrey Kamp as April Student of the Month for modeling “tremendous courage” and “embracing challenges” at school.

Kamp fearlessly steps out of her comfort zone and attacks challenges with a “deep work ethic,” the teachers stated.

“Aubrey is perpetually willing to try new things and actively participates in classroom activities and discussions,” the teachers wrote. “She expresses gratitude to the teachers by telling them, ‘Thank you for teaching me today.’”

Kamp leads by “quiet example” and always treats those around her with compassion and kindness.

“Aubrey is always engaged, focused and willing to do whatever is necessary to complete the task at hand,” the teachers added. “Her patience, perseverance, positive attitude and surprising maturity will undoubtedly carry her far into the future. It is a joy to have Aubrey in our classes and it will be fun to watch as she grows throughout her elementary school experience.”

Pinedale Middle School math teacher Brady Schaefer nominated Hannah Kaiser as April Student of the Month for modeling the character trait of consistent effort.

“Hannah always gives her best effort in class,” wrote Schaefer. “She works her tail off to ensure that she understands the material to the best of her ability.”

Kaiser encourages her peers to give their best efforts as well, Schaefer said.

“There are times in class when students are not working and Hannah will tell them, ‘Come on guys. You got this!’”

Kaiser’s basketball coaches commended her tenacious work ethic on the court.

“Although their season did not go as planned, Hannah always kept the team in a mindset that allowed them to do their best,” Schaefer noted.

Kaiser recently returned from the Wyoming History Day competition with multiple awards.

“Although she may not realize it right now, Hannah is making a tremendous impact on our student body,” Schaefer concluded.

Skyline Academy Principal Kellie Jo Williams presented Deanna Baggett as April Student of the Month. The entire faculty at Skyline nominated Baggett for her outstanding work ethic, said Williams.

“Deanna is a student with an unprecedented work ethic, especially in today’s age,” Williams told trustees. “All of her schoolwork is up to date and done with exceptional quality.”

Baggett demonstrates a “stick-to-it” attitude and frequently volunteers to help with projects at school, Williams added.

Baggett sets a positive example for her peers on a daily basis, said Skyline teacher Holli Redmond.

“Deanna has taken responsibility for her own education by asking questions and actively participating during academic classes, independently completing a web-based curriculum and giving a high level of effort on assignments and assessments,” Redmond wrote. “She produces high-quality work, is prepared and timely, uses her time efficiently, follows directions and helps when she sees there is a need.”

The staff at Skyline look forward to watching Baggett continue to grow.

“Deanna knows, and so do all the rest of us, that beyond a shadow of doubt, if she continues on the path that she is on, great things are coming,” Williams said.

Pinedale High School (PHS) English teacher Whitney Sorenson nominated freshman Alyxis White as April Student of the Month for exhibiting the monthly character trait of generosity.

“I know many kind freshmen, but only a few show such a genuine and altruistic care for classmates like Alyxis,” said Sorenson. “Alyxis generously gives her time to help others in class and in the community. But more importantly, she is generous with her kindness. She gives her smiles and words of affirmation with abandon.”

PHS Principal Brian Brisko agreed with Sorenson’s comments.

“There is not a kinder person walking the halls of Pinedale High School,” he told trustees. “It doesn’t matter how old you are, how young you are, Alyxis is willing to help you out.”

In addition to excelling in the classroom, White is already making a statement for the Lady Wrangler volleyball and basketball teams as an underclassman.

“Alyxis is a great leader in our school,” said Brisko. “She is a phenomenal athlete and a great kid to have in our halls.”