Everyone has a story

Author Sheila Kovach holds a book signing at a Barnes & Noble store.

Cora author’s book showcased in London

Sheila Kovach

should be in London on March 14, accompanying

her first book, but instead she will

be reading selections from it at the Pinedale


Kovach, who is a part-time Cora resident

and part-time North Dakotan, celebrated the

publication of her book, “Hello – Everyone

Has a Story,” late last year.

The collection of 40 short stories inspired

by daily walks was published by Christian

Faith Publishing, which is showcasing their

new titles, including hers, at the 2019 London

Book Fair, March 12-14, and at the 2019

Book Expo, May 29-June 2.

By chance Kovach discovered the publisher,

which she said has “an excellent reputation.”

She sent her manuscript to them on

Aug. 2, 2017, and five days later they replied

that they wanted to publish it.

“I was so humbled, I just cried,” Kovach

said. “And boy was I nervous. I have never

had a load of confidence but my childhood

taught me to hold my head high and to be a

good person. So, that began the long process

of editing, page design, cover design and

eventually the published product.”

Of the upcoming book fairs, she said, “I

am excited to have my book exposed to an

international market. It will be exciting to

see if the book generates any interest from

being highlighted at both of these venues.”

Kovach retired early from 1st Bank and

traveled to Minot, N.D., to visit her husband

Jere and son who moved their crane company

there. The setting inspired her first

book and she is working on another in a

similar vein.

“While the men were working, I would

take daily walks,” she said. “I walked and

met people on the path; I always said hello.

They would either respond or not and their

mannerism was quite telling to me. It got me

to thinking about what their story was, that

they were here in the park this day, and why

they acted the way they did. No one knows

anyone’s story until they tell you.

“So a person can only assume things. I

started making up stories about these people

and some of my ideas were totally reflective

of my years of experience working in

the public and talking with people from all

lots of life. Having come from a large family

and marrying into a large family and having

a large family, I had a wealth of stories.”

Her biggest influences come from marrying

very young, raising and supporting a

large family and having a strong Christian

faith. She and her husband Jere will be mar

ried 40 years in June. She calls him “my

biggest supporter and he drives Miss Sheila

around to all her book signings and puts my

easels up for me.”

The wealth of knowledge helps fuel her


“Being a Baby Boomer, I have been lucky

to live during a time when lots of things have

happened in our world and with the people I

have written about,” she said. “Not all things

are positive. Not all things are negative. Life

is about the experience and how to deal with

each and every thing you encounter.”

After reading her stories, others urged her

to continue. She gathered and completed 40

short stories, each with “a lesson or a thoughtprovoking

idea.” An avid reader, she also

wrote a family cookbook and thought she

would write children’s books. But her second

book is made of short stories “about family

and traditions and nontraditional things that

some families do. It’s a work in progress and

I am taking my time with it.”

Kovach will read from and sign her book

on Thursday, March 14, at 6 p.m. in the Pinedale

Library’s Lovatt Room.


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