Earthquake kits to be delivered to western Wyoming schools

Earthquake preparedness kits will be delivered to schools identified as being in a high seismic area.

Personnel from the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and the Wyoming Geological Survey will be traveling to Lincoln and Teton Counties on Oct. 3 and 4 to deliver basic preparedness kits and educational materials. 

“Preparedness is an important aspect in being ready for any disaster,” Director Lynn Budd, Wyoming Office of Homeland Security said. “Helping our schools receive resources to prepare them for an earthquake will benefit those communities and residents, and make our state a little more resilient.”

State personnel will be delivering the kits – and the preparedness message – to three schools in Teton County and five schools in Lincoln County. Each school will receive 30 kits and a short presentation on earthquakes, seismic risks and preparedness steps to take during an earthquake or other disaster.

“Earthquakes occur in Wyoming every day, making being prepared imperative,” WSGS Director and Wyoming State Geologist, Dr. Erin Campbell said. “Providing these preparedness kits to classrooms in Lincoln and Teton counties will benefit communities in areas of our state that are at higher risk for earthquakes.”

The kits contain supplies for a three-day preparedness kit. Food, water, a crank radio, first aid supplies and other items are contained in the kit. Three days is the suggested timeline for planning; although officials recommend that families be two weeks ready. Educational and awareness materials are also included in the kit.

The kits were paid for with funds awarded from the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program Grant.