Dear editor: The gate's there for a reason!

Cali O'Hare file photo

Dear editor,

This letter is intended for the older children who were trick or treating without supervision on South Lincoln.

You left my front gate open twice — once before dark and once after dark. I saw you the first time and you didn’t even come in and ring the doorbell.

I couldn’t do Halloween cause I tested positive for COVID but I have a little black Shih Tzu dog. She is 13 and going blind. She has a doggie door so she can go out when she needs to.

If she had gotten out of the gate, she would have wandered off looking for me and probably been hit by a vehicle.

The gate has a sign on it that says, “Please close gate.” That is there for a reason.

So please stop and think before “tricking” someone. It could happen to you someday.

Joan Neumayer, Pinedale