Dear Editor: No development in Path of the Pronghorn

Dear Editor,

Sublette County is the home of a bottleneck for the migration of the Sublette Pronghorn. This “Path of the Pronghorn” is the longest migration of ungulates in the lower 48 states. Decades ago, Trappers Point was recognized as a critical point of passing for hundreds of pronghorn who migrate annually from the Red Desert all the way to Teton County and into Yellowstone.  Agencies, conservation groups, and individuals banded together to keep the Trappers Point bottleneck open to this ancient Sublette Pronghorn migration.

The state of Wyoming, in a gas and oil lease auction in July, included a state parcel (#194) despite the requests to exclude it based on this crucial fact: it is the main New Fork River crossing for pronghorn traveling from Trappers Point across the Mesa. It is critical that development not take place on this lease. Given the tragic loss of up to 75 percent of the pronghorn that use this path (Wyofile, May 23, 2023) we should do everything possible to make this iconic herd survive and thrive.

This one lease should be removed despite the fact that it was auctioned. The final decisions on these state leases are made by the State Board of Land Commissioners.

Urge these elected individuals to withdraw this parcel or not certify the lease. Also, urge them to support an immediate designation for the “Path of the Pronghorn.” 

The board includes:

Governor Mark Gordon  307-777-7434

Secretary of State Chuck Grey     [email protected]

Auditor Kristi Racines.  [email protected]

Treasurer Curt Meier   [email protected] 

Superintendent of Public Instruction Megan Degenfelder  307-777-7675

Let's hold our state responsible for protecting what’s left of one of its most valuable assets.


Jana Weber,