Dear editor: Hypocrisy on Pine Street

Michael Kramer courtesy photo

Dear editor,

While reading the Oct. 5 Pinedale Roundup Street Talk on page 3, I found one of the respondents’ answers to be blatant hypocrisy for everyone on Pine Street to see. The question posed by Terry Allen, When an elected official swears their oath of office, what do you expect of them?” elicited an answer from one Pinedale woman posing in front of her barber shop who said, I expect them to uphold the constitution of the United States of America, not their personal agendas.”
Last month, my wife and I dined at a restaurant across the street, and we were seated at a window where I had had to see the sign above the barber shop every time I looked up. 
It reads, 81 MILLION VOTES MY ASS” with a picture of the American Flag and below the words, “MY PRIDE.”
In addition to my wifes undercooked pork chop, the sign left a bad taste in my mouth and stomach.
Elections are always disappointing for one side or the other, but we used to decide to support whoever won and make an effort to do better next time. This is not the case anymore. The new norm seems to be that anything is acceptable as long as you get the result that you want.
So, since her man didnt win, is her sign implying that the election was rigged and didnt follow the Constitution in spite of multiple recounts and court appeals?
Did her man follow the Constitution when he was part of a multifaceted scheme to overturn the results of the 2020 election or did he have a personal agenda in mind?
Even more importantly, did she support Liz Cheney in the 2022 Republican Primary who clearly put support of the constitution above her own political career? I bet not.
Her man may very well win the 2024 Presidential Election since not even the majority of Democrats want to see the White House turned into an assisted living facility. Her man is no youngster either, and often speaks in word salad that I find hard to follow. If her man wins the 2024 election, we may all be watching the State of the Union address televised from the big house instead of a joint meeting of congress!

Michael Kramer, Pinedale