Dear Editor: Help save Etna, Wyoming

Screenshot from the GoFundMe website created by Denise Topp, of Etna, Wyoming.

Dear Editor,

The Etna, Wyo., community is fighting the decision of their elected officials in order to preserve the peace and quiet of their town. The Lincoln County Commissioners have approved the extension of a gravel pit extension into Etna. Residents say this decision is illegal, without merit, and would open Pandora’s box.
“By law, this should have never been approved. As a community, we would like to appeal the process and take it to the district court to try and have this reversed,” Denise Topp wrote on GoFundMe.
“By approving this and allowing Sunroc to have a ‘Small Mining Permit’ it opens the door for them to come back requesting, their original plan, of installing a hot asphalt plant and concrete batch plant in the middle of rural residential lands.”
Topp has started a GoFundMe to raise the money needed to pay for a legal appeal of the decision. She is hoping to raise $15,000.
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Jeff Platt,
Etna, Wyoming