County heads work with new pay scales

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SUBLETTE COUNTY – Each elected official and department head was busy this week presenting their budget requests – some unchanged, others increased – for Sublette County’s 2023-2024 fiscal year (FY) budget.

They started off “Budget Week” Tuesday afternoon, June 6, by showing unanimous support for new human resources manager Andrea Jean, who met with each of them to develop new pay scales, job descriptions and merit-based policies in time for this budget.

Jean explained the county had 19 different county pay scales that showed a lot of disparity in timely raises and job titles.

There were longtime employees taking on added responsibilities but didn’t have a “step” to move up. “Some people were hired starting at more than they would have been to fill a position, to replace someone, and now we can fix that,”” she said.

Jean met with each department head and elected official to work through uneven situations and the focus will be on an employee’s merit-based performance evaluation. This might come from an employee’s extra initiative, training and years of employment, she said. Each department now has bridges to the position’s steps.

She narrowed the various pay scales “down to eight, potentially seven,” Jean said. These are Administration, Janitorial, Laborers, Detention/ Communications/ Patrol, Emergency Management and Search & Rescue.

“Every employee in the county is going to be accounted for on a scale now,” she said. Previously, more than 10 percent of the county employees were not accounted for; that is now 2 percent for granted positions and special attorneys.

Next year, Jean will meet with each department head and elected official to review employees’ eligibility well before the county’s next budget session and present commissioners with the package.

She is now certified by the Society of Human Resources Management. Her budget is presented at this time with the Sublette County Clerk’s Office, where Jean worked as chief deputy clerk until February to develop the human resources position and policies.