Contributing to the Chaos

I do believe it is time that we begin to put the pieces back together, if in fact we are not beyond fixable. I don’t like to talk doomsday but when damaged people are causing the damage, it becomes hard to find the source of the fracture.

We need to do something outside the constant chatter of why things are broken in the first place. We have become a society that is so easily controlled because we are so easily provoked. All we seem to do is piss and moan about what is wrong with what we have been told is wrong.

We absurdly believe we live in a democracy. This whole election fiasco was so foolish and seemingly is still riding with a one-way ticket on the fool train. Approximately 74,22,958 people voted Republican. Approximately 81,283,098 voted Democratic, which leaves roughly 168,899,032 that didn’t vote at all. The way I contemplate on these numbers, even with a huge margin of error, if we were truly living as a democratic society, governed by the majority, we would not even have a president. We would be a living as a classless society.

As I look into or at just about everything I cannot truly understand what, or why. Nothing seemingly makes sense anymore. The Amazon czar, Jeff Bezos, earns approximately $2,500.00 per second. Netflix is raising its monthly rates to $13.99 that is a $4.00 increase. This is still an affordable and a cheap way to abandon your valuable time, but it comes from a company that has a net worth of $184 billion.

This puts Netflix pretty close to Bezos' $2,500.00-per-second-income and though it is talked about, it’s completely accepted with a nonchalant shrug as normal. Yet, when the minimum wages are discussed and $15.00 an hour is being considered, the babble and rants ring louder than the slot machines in Vegas.

A huge part of why this money contaminates the talk is because people can rationalize and compare $15.00, but we have very little reference points to understand and ciphering of billions. A person cannot even count to a billion in their lifetime.

If you could count continuously in perfect rhythm, one number per second, without breaks for sleeping, eating or anything else, it would take almost 32 years to count to one billion. This gives an idea of how large one billion is and counting it, in reality, cannot be done with a human voice.

This is not about being or not being unbiased; it is about a balance that is tilted beyond ever getting the bubble back to the center. This is a large part of the division to what is going on in the world right now.

We believe we are thriving because we are told we are. If you do not, here is an injection of stimulus to buy your belief. The best way to exercise dominant command, to manipulate and regulate people, is to mass broadcast alarming and confusing information over large media platforms. Then give no one listening the ability to question what is being broadcasted. The masses are then left to squabble about it amongst themselves. There is no better way to initiate the technique of divide and conquer.

Divide and conquer is an incalculable strategy for achieving political or military control. Its first known use was during the Gallic Wars in 51 BC. Caesar used the divide and conquer strategy to defeat the Gallic tribes.

In today’s world of computers, which we are so attached to, addicted to and virtually cannot function without them. Divide and conquer is an algorithm design technique that salves problems by spitting it into smaller problems until the remaining problems become so trivial the problems are eliminated. This is all accomplished without ever fixing the original problem.

Problems of the world are no longer solved; they are just whitewashed, arranged and manipulated until something larger comes up to trump them (no pun intended) and then another issue replaces them. Nothing is being healed. We are all thirsty for it but all we do is react to the unhealthy patterns and hope the next generation will make better decisions. 

But is it too late? Have we moved beyond our sale-by date? According to the scientific world there is evidence that shows that a sixth mass extinction is occurring now. Unlike previous mass extinctions, the sixth extinction is due to human actions. I believe these human actions also have a lot of corporate sponsorships. 

Fossil records show that everything goes extinct, eventually. Almost all species that ever lived are extinct. This time, however, humans could be en route for extinction. Give or take a few hundred years. 

This is why I am as I am. I have nothing and want even less. I roll down the road contributing to the chaos, hoping someone will be enticed from a word and ignite a thought and above all things, Living Life as Large as possible. - dbA

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