Community weed-pulling program gets underway


Sublette County Weed and Pest courtesy photos

SUBLETTE COUNTY — Sublette County Weed and Pest (SCWP) announced the 2023 Gotta Go’a community weed-pulling program will begin June 15 and continue through Aug. 31, with weigh-ins taking place every Thursday from 1 to 4 p.m.
This year’s noxious weed-pulling program targets Hoary alyssum, cheatgrass and musk thistle flowers. Musk thistle is a biennial that grows as a rosette in its first year and shoots in the second. It features large bracts beneath purple flowers with sharp spines. Since musk thistle reproduces only from seed and not from its root system, clipping the flowers can be an effective treatment.

Cheatgrass is an annual grass that grows up to 18 inches tall and often establishes in areas of disturbance. The plant is slender and drooping with flat leaves that are covered in soft hairs. After maturity, cheatgrass becomes a fire hazard.

Hoary alyssum, known also as Berteroa incana, is a tap-rooted noxious weed that spreads through large, oval-shaped seeds. The plant produces small, white flower clusters and its stems and leaves are covered in short, white hairs. Berteroa is considered toxic to horses.

Participants in the Sublette County 2023 Gotta Go’a must sign up and pick up maps of approved pulling areas and the required clear bags from the SCWP office at 12 South Bench Rd.

The challenge then is to pull and bag as many berteroa, cheatgrass and clip as many musk flowers as possible. Full bags should be brought to the SCWP office on Thursday afternoons to be weighed in. Participants will be paid $1 per pound of weeds pulled, with the SCWP allocating payouts at its regularly scheduled board meeting in September.
Weeds may only be pulled from public property.