Cheatgrass spraying underway in Pinedale


Terry Allen photos

PINEDALE — Aerial operations to control and eradicate invasive cheatgrass in the Pinedale area of the Bridger-Teton National Forest began Aug. 15. Cheatgrass outcompetes native forms and grasses, robbing them of essential water and nutrients.

Hammond Helicopters, an outfit out of neighboring Utah, began spraying for the noxious weed in Sublette County on Aug. 15, with treatments planned for 3,900 acres. The majority of the treatments will focus around New Fork and Willow lakes, with others planned for the ridge lines near Fremont, Boulder and Burnt lakes.

A press release sent out earlier this month states that previously treated areas show about 15 percent cheatgrass, pointing to “the success of previous operations.”

These areas will be sprayed again, along with the new patches of cheatgrass. All of the treatments are conducted in cooperation with the Sublette County Weed and Pest District.