Celebrating 100 years of Ellen

Photo of Ellen Reed trekking through the jungle courtesy of Reed family photo albums.

A Sublette Center resident will claim the title of centenarian this year, something few get to do. Ellen Reed, Sublette County native, will celebrate her 100th birthday on Sept. 19. An accomplishment such as this is merely a drop in the bucket for this spunky 100-year-old.
Reed grew up in Daniel, Wyo., with two siblings, her father, a cowboy and mother, a teacher and postmistress. Reed pursued a career in education, following in her mother's footsteps, but not before joining the Navy WAVES. During her time in the service, she worked as a weather observer.
"I could tell the pilots whether they could fly or not," Reed said. "I liked it. You know, something different."
After the war ended in 1945, she returned to Daniel where she reunited with a beau from her childhood, Hugh "Hammer" Reed. He too was returning from wartime service. The two fell in love, were married on Sept. 1, 1947, and as they say, the rest is history.
The two finished their degrees, roamed and rambled, then made their home in Pinedale in 1954. A few years later, Reed started her teaching career.
When asked how she would like to be remembered, Reed said, "As a first grade teacher."
After a 25-year teaching career in Pinedale, she will be.
Reed and Hammer lived a long, happy life together, had five children and traveled the world.
They took up "trekking" later in life and together trekked through Argentina and twice through Nepal.
"I've had lots of best days," Reed said. "Don't worry about your health and you may live to be a hundred. I never thought much of it. I just stay happy and eat lots of fruit."
Whatever her key to longevity may be, a positive attitude can take you a long way, and Reed is living proof. It's easy to say Reed has lived a full life, and one she will be remembered for, by Pinedale especially. Cheers to 100!