Can’t buy any of this online

Tomorrow is Dec. 1. So, by now the witches

are finished spooking and the kids are off their

sugar high. Plus, the turkey has sacrificed

itself for the good of all of us. Black Friday

and Cyber Monday are pushing to take center

stage this month. Is that really the best we can

focus on for December? Let’s hope not. We

have too many local activities to allow that.

Did you know that one of them is celebrating

its 40th year in existence this season? That

would be our Community Choir. I can still do

math, so that would be back in 1978. Where

were you then? I was living in Ely, Nev., with

two kids still in school and the other two in


Patty Kerback lit the candle that became

today’s Community Choir. She was accompanied

by Miriam Kerback. Traditionally

performed during the Christmas season, it

started as a more structured Lessons and Carols,

made up of scripture and song. For more

than 20 years Coralee Petersen was director,

and Sue Briggs-Stanfill also served for a time.

Today’s leader is Candy Herda-Scott who has

converted it to a celebration of the Christmas

Story told in scripture and song.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Community

Church of Christ and Our Lady of Peace

Catholic Church rotated as host churches for

this ecumenical event over a number of years.

More recently the Church of Latter-day Saints

and the Lutheran Church have participated.

So, are you a singer? I do love music but

at this stage of my life, I am best relegated

to sitting in the audience. Participation is to

open anyone who loves to sing and is willing

to commit time to rehearsal. You would have

to schedule your hunting and such activities

to days other than Sundays. Practice begins

the first Sunday in October and every Sunday

thereafter until performance time in December.

That would include approximately eight

Sundays, from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. You can

tell these folks put the time in when you hear

them sing.

This year’s choir totals about 60 participants,

with a number of students from Pinedale

High School choir joining in the finale.

The group includes 30-year members as well

as newcomers. Coralee Petersen and JJ Huntley

are the accompanists. Watch their fingers

make a piano do what it’s meant to do. There

will also be some instrumental accompanists.

So, right now, go to your calendar and mark

these dates and times so you don’t miss out

in soaking up some real Christmas spirit. A

shortened performance will be offered in the

Heritage Room at the Sublette Center on Saturday,

Dec. 1, at 3 p.m. The Big Piney concert

is in the chapel at the Church of Latter Day

Saints on Dec. 9 at 1 p.m.

If you missed those, you have one more

chance to enjoy the Community Choir. Come

to the Lovatt Room at the Pinedale Library on

Sunday, Dec. 9, 3 p.m. This is the first year

the choir performs there. St. Andrew’s Episcopal

Church acts as host this year. If you have

never been before, expect a greeting by the

pastor, the music performance and a reception

afterward. That would be the time to thank

these musicians for their dedication in bringing

it all to fruition.

You should be aware that the Community

Choir is a non-profit, 501©3 organization

under the umbrella of the Pinedale Fine Arts

Council. A goodwill offering is always appreciated

to help buy music, pay printing costs

and the accompanists. After all, we do want

to enjoy them next year. Nonperishable food

items may also be donated.

Besides our Community Choir, many other

events are scheduled in Sublette County. On

Dec. 6 the Pinedale Fine Arts Christmas program

features “Barefoot Movement” – in the

high school auditorium, of course. Too icy

outside for barefeet.

Dec. 7 offers the annual Museum of the

Mountain Man chocolate and wreath auction.

Talented folks create some amazing wreaths

for this, which helps support our favorite museum.

Dec. 8 is a busy date. Featuring a Mountain

Man Christmas and lighting the tree at the

Sublette County Court House, plus the Land

Trust Open House. You’ll see all your friends

and neighbors out and about on that day. Not

to be outdone or overlooked, there is a Cowpokes

for Christmas Concert on Dec. 14. Over

in Big Piney on Dec. 18 you can enjoy the Parade

of Lights.

Would anyone dare suggest that small

towns lack in celebrating the Christmas season?

Just don’t miss the Community Choir

Concert. Music nourishes and soothes the

soul. Online shopping won’t do that for you. n

Mary Louise Routh Brodie is a freelance

writer and Pinedale resident. Her

column appears in the Roundup every

other week.


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