‘Budget Week’ brings out wish lists

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Requests total $82M, higher than 2023 budget

SUBLETTE COUNTY – This week, the Sublette County Board of Commissioners are hearing from department heads and elected officials’ requested budgets, fitted into efficient time slots beginning Tuesday, June 6, after the regular meeting and continuing through Friday, June 9.

Commissioners reviewed their massive sets of documents attached to the summary of General Fund appropriations for this fiscal year 2023 and the upcoming FY 2024.

These department requests call for total appropriations of $82, 534,746 or about $83 million.

Last year’s fiscal budget was approved at $62, 215,000. Of that, $32,760,222 was spent as of May 1, according to the Sublette County Clerk’s Office.

Highlights of the Budget Week’s discussions will be explored in greater detail with presentations continuing this week.

The county has total reserves of more than $248 million – $10 million as cash, $11.8 million for equipment and almost $144 million for depreciation.

Each day’s budget sessions are recorded and agendas, links and audio are available on the Sublette County official website, sublettecounty.wy.gov, under the Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting Agendas.