Blue Cross double-charges 7,000 Wyoming customers

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming BCBSWY announced Tuesday that between 7,000 and 7500 of its members have been over-charged due to an error by American National Bank.

The bank has taken full responsibility and has acted quickly to reverse and credit members’ accounts for the incorrect duplicate charges. The bank and BCBSWY anticipate that the impacted accounts will show the corrections as soon Tuesday afternoon, subject to the procedures of individual banks. BCBSWY contacted the Wyoming Department of Insurance immediately after the error was identified.

“We certainly understand the potential impact and concern that this can cause Wyoming consumers and I appreciate the speed with which ANB has addressed their error,” said Insurance Commissioner Tom Glause.

ANB has indicated that immediate steps were taken to remedy the situation and members impacted by the situation should have received immediate notification by Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

ANB has committed to taking care of overdraft fees or other charges as a result of the situation. This banking error should not impact insurance coverage by BCBSWY. Members are advised that if their account did not reflect this correction by the morning of Dec. 5, contact BCBSWY or call American National Bank (ANB) at 307-634-2121.

Consumers can also contact the Department of Insurance at 307-777-7401 or toll free at 1-800-438-5768, if they have additional questions or concerns.

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