BLM to conduct prescribed fires in Lincoln County

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The Bureau of Land Management High Desert District is scheduled

to conduct prescribed fires on public lands administered by the Kemmerer Field Office

as part of a multi-year effort. The projects will take place through December 2019, as

conditions allow.

The Bear River pile burn project is located approximately 30 miles west of Kemmerer,

and consists of approximately 300 acres of slash piles targeted to burn to reduce juniper

where it is encroaching on sage-grouse habitat.

The Commissary Ranch pile burn is located approximately 20 miles north of Kemmerer

and includes approximately 45 acres of slash piles surrounding the Commissary Ranch

subdivision. The objective is to reduce hazardous fuels around the community and improve

area wildlife habitat.

BLM will consider weather conditions and fuel moisture when deciding the final date

of the prescribed burns. Fire operations will begin only when conditions are favorable for

a safe and effective burn. Smoke may be visible during the operations. Fire crews will

remain on scene and monitor the burn areas afterward to ensure safety until the fire is out.


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