Birds of prey land at library

PINEDALE – It was a packed house over at the Lovatt Room in the Pinedale Library on Wednesday as Becky Collier of the Teton Raptor Center brought along a few of her feathered friends to educate local youth about birds of prey.

Collier taught the full room of attendees that raptors are unique compared to other birds, as they only eat meat, kill prey with their talons and tear with their beaks.

“In Wyoming, we have some of the coolest raptors in the world,” she said. “Be proud of that and take care of your backyard.”

Wyoming has five categories of raptors, including eagles, owls, hawks, falcons and osprey.

After giving a brief introduction, she presented a pair of owls and a peregrine falcon to eager youngsters. She talked about each raptor individually, explaining their unique traits and how they became injured out in the wild, resulting in their long-term residency at the Teton Raptor Center near Jackson.


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