‘Beauty and the Beast’

The Pinedale Theatre

Company is taking a giant step with its upcoming

production of Beauty and the Beast

– the largest production in at least five years.

With 39 people casted and professionals

coming from across the nation, the Pinedale

Theatre Company, formerly known as the

Pinedale Community Theatre Company, is

pulling out all the stops with this one.

Longtime actor, board member (and

judge) Curt Haws stated, “We are trying to

keep up with the big boys.”

New board member and stage manager

Madeline Robicheaux said the production is

filled with people whose passion overflows

and that’s what will make this production a

great one.

“As stage manager I get to know them

and their personalities, and then they go

on stage and become those characters,” she

said, adding that most of the cast are already

off script due to their dedication to the play.

When asked about the future, Robicheaux

stated that community theater co-founder

Valerie Lee would like to see the nonprofit

performing company blossom in younger

people’s hands. Getting more people involved

in their ensemble with Beauty and

the Beast is one way to help it continue to


Playing the top role of Belle is Adrianna

Ruby, with Cody Daigle as Beast, followed

by a cast of several dozen local, experienced

and first-time actors

Another important attribute of Beauty and

the Beast is the story’s wide appeal to many

different ages as young and old fall in love

with the classic.

Haws, who plays the role of Monsieur

D’Arque, stated the “beauty” of this production

is that it brings up difficult themes in a

nonthreatening way.

“I think we’ll feel like we’ve succeeded

if we can make people who usually feel like

the odd one out see themselves as Belle,”

he said.

A common thought between both Haws

and Robicheaux is the large amount of talent

in Sublette County. Along with the usual auditions,

there were several new faces added

to the theater scene this year.

“Talent showed up,” Haws said, “and I’m

really excited because this is so different

than anything we’ve ever done before.”

“The stress and nerves seem so little

when you see everyone work so hard at a

scene and finally get it perfect,” Robicheaux

said. “Everyone gets their hand in it.”

Beauty and the Beast performances are set

for Thursday, Oct. 24, and Friday, Oct. 25,

at 7 p.m., followed by a Saturday, Oct. 26,

matinee at 2 p.m. and the final 7 p.m. performance.

Adult tickets are $20 and student

tickets, $7. All performances take place in

the Sheppard Auditorium at Pinedale High

School, 101 E. Hennick St., in Pinedale.

Tickets are on sale at both Office Outlets

in Pinedale and Big Piney, The Cowboy

Shop, Pine Coffee Supply and Big Piney

Library or online at http://www.pinedalefinearts.



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