Authorities ask for help regarding zip-tied dogs

SUBLETTE COUNTY – On the morning of Thursday, Oct. 21, riders moving cattle found two dogs, a small shaggy brown one and a larger black and merle male, both under a year old, with their legs zip-tied together and abandoned east of Marbleton on Chapel Road.

Both were gathered up and freed, checked by veterinarians and adopted by the people who found them, according to Sublette County Animal Control Officer Monte Miles.

However, Miles is still trying to find out any information about the dogs – where they came from, where they might have come from and who abandoned them in a very rural area.

Each dog had its front and back legs immobilized and could barely move, he said. Neither had a collar, tags or any identifying information. Miles has not found them listed anywhere as missing pets, although the black dog closely resembled one stolen from Idaho Falls, he said.

“We’ve exhausted all of our leads,” he said, asking the public to contact him at the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office, 307-367-4378, with any kind of information or suspicions.

Miles said “especially this year” has been a tough one – the worst – for people dumping unwanted pets, especially dogs, in Sublette County. People are calling the SCSO about stray dogs in town and on the highways.

“It’s more than in past years,” he said. “We’ve (picked up) numerous dogs on the highway. This is the first time we found two zip-tied together. I found it quite alarming.”

The county holds strays for five days so owners can call the SCSO, he said. If not claimed, they might be posted for adoption on the local website Sublette County For Sale.

The way the dogs were immobilized and abandoned also upset Happy Ending Animal Rescue’s board members, who said last week that animal abuse can apply to an abuser’s other relationships. For more information about HEAR and relinquishing or fostering unwanted animals, visit the Facebook page or call 307-360-6000.