A stubborn fundraising ass-ignment

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PINEDALE – It was a night full of laughter, coupled with entertaining basketball action, as donkeys filled Wrangler Gym for the fundraiser for the National Honor Society’s scholarship fund.

Each year, the school district gives one to two scholarships in the amount of $500 to graduating seniors. According to event coordinator and district educator Debra Noble, the event was able to raise enough money to cover the district’s scholarship for this year, which was awarded to Isie McLoughlin.

The family-friendly night kicked off with a matchup between students and school staff, where the staff pulled away victorious. During an intermission, youngsters flooded the floor to greet the donkeys while others forked over $1 to shoot at the basket during “Pop Shots” in hopes of winning a two-liter of soda.

The second matchup featured local Wyoming Game and Fish employees playing a team consisting of local business owners and employees of those businesses. After a few laughs and a few baskets on both ends, Game and Fish emerged victorious.

The stage was then set for the championship game between Game and Fish and school staff, with Game and Fish winning and taking top honors for this year’s event.

The district typically hosts a donkey basketball event every other year, but this year they decided to start making the event occur on a yearly basis.

Donkeys used for the night of entertaining basketball action came from Donkey Sports, Inc. out of Entiat, Wash., where teams of donkeys travel the western United States doing similar events throughout the winter and spring months.

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